1995 In 1995, Ventilation Metal works started in Istanbul. Until 2004, it progressed with works in different cities.

2004 In 2004, Sivas Merkez progressed from 4 Eylül industrial site with Ventilation, Natural Gas Chimneys and Water Tanks in Sivas and other provinces in Turkey.

2008 Production continued in Sivas Organized Industrial Zone in 2008. Here again, Ventilation, Natural Gas Chimneys, Water tanks were manufactured and assembled, while industrial stainless kitchen equipment was added to the production. With these products, the facilities have become responsive to cafeteria, cafeteria and restaurant businesses.

2010 In 2010 and 2012, both business volume developed and new products continued to grow with new products such as shopping malls, hotels, business centers, hospitals, schools, restaurants, fast food, air conditioning, ventilation systems, chimneys, water tanks and stainless counters.

2012 In 2012, with the project in Life and afterwards, he benefited from the State support, enlarged the buildings and bought new machines. With these machines and the growing building, he included products such as industrial hospital equipment, refrigerated morgue units, which are in demand. In the Industrial Stainless title, Benches, Hoods, Kitchen equipment, Hospital stainless steels were added. Refrigerated Morgue cabinets have also been added in Hospital Stainless.

2013 With the increase in Volume and Growth in 2013, the increase in the production area, machines and staff, created the need to be in new areas in the market. Our company has started to make applications as a commitment to produce and sell Metal Works Ventilation Chimney, Industrial Stainless Work Morgue and Hospital Equipment and Cold Room Systems equipment, so the growth accelerated, and we started exporting some of our productions and exports due to this growth. We started to increase our movement towards areas where we can move forward more successfully and efficiently by removing the work we do from our structure. In these areas, we continued on our way with enthusiasm, development, new product and marketing strategies that add privilege to the sector in the world and in Turkey, development of human blood, with determination and determination, of course, the staff increased in this process. and there were moments when we were 235 people or more with the field. Export progressed. With this progress, we continued to develop our business and increase our privileges with Cold room panels, doors, devices, installation and contracting works.

2014 Our company established semi-modular rooms in 2014 and provides fast and easy economic energy savings in the sector, such as cold rooms, the processing areas and benches of these rooms have developed more and more every day, with issues such as qualified cold room door devices panels, corner panels, t panels, and their applications in different parts of the world are limited in marketing and Brand awareness continued.

2021 Until the end of 2021, this development struggle, brand awareness, efforts to increase brand awareness continued, these studies strengthened the company even more, so this power started the institutionalization of the company. We have started the production of deep freezers and bottle coolers so that everyone can see this quality in the business cooling, which has an exciting structure, both in the industrial and at home, so that we can further our business in the international market. We have issued an International Trademark from our city, Sivas. Like other brands and companies that represent our country, we will continue our development with products that are compatible with our sector, including the increasing market business and work, as well as refrigerators and white goods.