Modular Room With Shelves

Modular Room With Shelves

Modular cold storage rooms are compact prefabricated rooms that enable long-term storage of food, chemical, and medical products without spoilage, and increase the shelf life of the products. They consist of parts that can be easily assembled and disassembled, and can be moved to another location when necessary. These systems can also be expanded according to the needs.

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Modular rooms are compact prefabricated structures with lockable interlocking details, consisting of specially manufactured corner, narrow, and full panels that can be assembled and disassembled easily without any cutting. Your room is produced and packaged in the desired size and features you specify. The installation process starts with the floor panels. The floor, wall, and ceiling are connected to each other and fixed by screwing through designated installation points without requiring any accessory use with hygienic application plastic filled with polyurethane. The plastic that will unite the ceiling is also placed from the top cut. The created ceiling detail has a load-carrying capacity of 250 kg per square meter. It is possible to disassemble and move the modular room to another location and to enlarge the system according to your needs.

The hygiene closure accessory, which is an additional part of the application plastic located on the floor and ceiling, is completed with a small pressure thanks to the nails on it. Thus, complete sealing is provided and visual integrity is achieved. Our devices are produced as ceiling and wall types and are shipped with all assembly equipment. Depending on the device type to be selected for the location of the cooling unit, it is sent prepared on the panel.

Our cooling units have an easy installation process and can be operated simply by connecting to the appropriate electrical current and plugging it in.

Our doors are equipped with resistors and can be opened from both inside and outside. Our shelves used in modular rooms are produced as perforated and plain tables. They are made of 304 quality stainless steel. In perforated shelves, 80% of the air circulation ensures equal cooling of the products to be placed on the shelf. It has an average carrying capacity of 200 kg. It can be produced in different intervals and heights upon request. It can also be produced in sizes other than the specified standard measurements upon request. POLY, PVC, CR-NI SHEET options are available. Standard measurements are listed in the table below.


KMP01157X157X2354,368 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP02187X187X2356,418 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP03187X207X2357,168 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP04207X207X2357,998 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP05207X227X2358,838 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP06227X227X2359,758 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP06187X298X23510,568 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP08247X247X23511,698 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP09227X298X23513,038 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP10247X298X235158 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP11298X298X23517,418 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP12298X338X23519,888 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP13298X379X23522,428 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMP14338X399X23527,718 CM80X190 RESISTANT


KMN01191X191X2396,4110 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMN02191X211X2397,1510 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMN03191X231X2397,910 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMN04211X211X2397,9810 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMN05211X231X2398,8210 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMN06191X302X23910,5610 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMN07231X302X23913,0510 CM80X190 RESISTANT
KMN08251X302X23914,2610 CM80X190 RESISTANT