About Us

About Us


Korkmaz Panel started its journey in 1995 in the field of ventilation, air conditioning, stainless steel hospital equipment, and the manufacturing and contracting of hygienic and cold room panels. With its products produced in compliance with CE, TSE-HYB-212, TSE-HYB-258, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2008, and TSEK standards, the company has gained significant references both domestically and internationally, driven by customer satisfaction-oriented approach. The acceptance of our company among reputable firms is a result of our focus on customer satisfaction. Considering the rapidly changing economic and technological trends of today, our company envisions being among the world’s leading companies in the cooling industry, fueled by the strength we derive from our valued solution partners. The recent success in our exports is a testament to how close we are to realizing this vision. We aim to establish long-term relationships based on mutual goodwill and a sustainable fixed pricing policy, always making you feel that you have a friend who is here to increase your and our profits. We welcome you to our factory.


Our vision is to become a leading organization that has established a brand presence in the international market, with a proven reputation for quality and reliability through our own brand. We aim to manufacture products and provide services in various parts of the world, contributing value to our country. We strive to be recognized as the best in our field, delivering exceptional work and maintaining customer and employee satisfaction. Our goal is to be the forefront pioneer in the industries we operate in, consistently setting the highest standards for our current and future endeavors.


Our mission is to meet consumer expectations at the highest level by providing a wide range of products with the right balance of quality and price. We aim to be the preferred choice of our customers, offering diverse product options, solutions, reliable after-sales support, and maintaining high standards of trust and ethical conduct. We strive to maximize customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality service. We aim to be a solution center for our business partners, assisting them in overcoming industry challenges and providing them with optimal solutions to achieve the best results. Ultimately, our mission is to contribute to and establish stability in society.