Centralized Cooling System

Centralized Cooling System

Central cooling units are designed and manufactured with one or more compressors to meet the high-capacity cooling requirements of industrial facilities, supermarket display cases, and delicatessen refrigerators

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Central Cooling Systems

Central System Cooling Devices produced in conformity with cold and freezer storage room conditions. Since the device can be specially designed on a project basis, it responds to multi-functional cooling needs.
They employ hermetic reciprocating compressors and the condensers are ait cooled by axial fans.
Meets the multi-purpose cooling requirements.
The casing is protective against outdoor weather conditions.
Enables them to work with very low noise.
Semi hermetic or scroll type compressor and air cooled condenser.
AII equipments together with control instruments are delivered as being ready to assemble.
Before the devices are delivered ready for installation, they are charged with nitrogen and made ready for installation.
Europe Union norms and marked CE


  • Compliance with standards
  • High efficiency
  • High electricity savings
  • Suitable for carbon offset projects
  • Durable outdoor housing
  • Minimal noise levels
  • Reliable high-quality equipment
  • Complete product
  • Easy installation and assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Product variety
  • Opportunity for custom model design
  • Wide range of products
  • Compliance with HACCP standards.


  • Electrostatic powder coated housing
  • Low-high voltage protection relay
  • Thermal-magnetic circuit breaker
  • Contactor for three-phase to single-phase compressors
  • Crankcase heater
  • Copper tube aluminum fin condenser
  • Fan speed control
  • Receiver
  • Drying filter
  • Liquid sight glass
  • Liquid flow control solenoid valve
  • Service and maintenance valve on liquid line
  • Low-high pressure pressure switch
  • Oil separator and accumulator.