PVC Frame Hinged Door

PVC Frame Hinged Door

Could be used on frozen storage or cold storage. The are doors that can be opened and closed quickly because they have a slam lock. This model is one of mostly preferred door type. Case thickness can be adjusted according to panel thickness or your project wall thickness. The door lock can be opened from inside and outside. According to the project, it is produced with POLY, PVC, CR-NI sheet options.

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Door Wing40(+/- 2) density polyurethane was injected between two sheets without using any wood material.
Door ThicknessFor cold room 68 mm, for freezer room 92 mm’dir.
Door LockIt is imported, has the feature of opening from the inside when locked and the anti-panic arm is phosphorescent.
Door HingeUpgradeable and adjustable
Surface Sheets Both sides of the standard manufacturing surface are PVC sheet. Optionally, it can be polyester painted sheet or CrNi.
Door FrameFor industrial panel rooms, one wall of the room is produced as a special door frame. Since the door wing is mounted on this panel, there is no additional mounting problem. Special PVC outer and aluminum inner cases are used for the rooms without panels. Since the sash is mounted on the frame, it is very easy to apply.
Heat TransferSealing is provided with a special rubber gasket surrounding the door. Resistance cable is used to prevent sticking, at the freezed keeping room doors case and it does not require a transformer as it has a resistance diode.