These units, which take the heat from an environment by consuming energy and enable the environment to reach the desired temperature value, are called cooling units. It is one of the most important factors to provide efficiency with low energy cost in devices working with energy consumption. The selection of cooling devices in accordance with the capacity of the environment to be cooled ensures high efficiency with low energy costs. According to the capacity of the cooling devices and the capacity of the environment to be cooled, they are examined in 4 groups as Industrial Cooling Units, Split Type Cooling Units Central Cooling Units and Monoblock Cooling Units.


These cooling units are used in small and medium capacity cold storages. It consists of an indoor unit that removes the heat value in the room from the environment and an outdoor unit that transfers this heat to the outside. It can be designed as cold and frozen series according to the desired temperature and climate characteristics in the environment to be used. Electrostatic powder painted galvanized steel covered bodies in the units provide protection from adverse conditions that may occur. It can be produced with Hermetic, Scroll or Semi-Hermetic Compressor. Thanks to its special design and acoustic isolation equipment, it works at very low sound levels. Split type cooling devices produced in accordance with European Union norms are delivered with nitrogen charge.


It is produced in wide cooling capacity ranges in accordance with the conditions of cold and frozen storage rooms. Evaporator is used according to device capacity. It conforms to European Union norms and is manufactured with CE mark. It has a Semi-Hermetic Compressor and an air-cooled condenser. Industrial Cooling Units provide long-term preservation of products to be stored with minimum energy loss. Cooling devices produced in accordance with outdoor weather conditions are delivered with the outdoor unit and indoor unit nitrogen charged. As Korkmaz Panel company, we produce industrial cooling devices in desired sizes and capacities.


They are cooling units where large cooling capacity can be obtained on one unit instead of multiple cooling units, which are preferred in large capacity areas. It is produced in a wide capacity range suitable for cold and frozen market aisles and/or storage rooms. These central cooling units can be designed and produced specifically for the project. Semi-Hermetic, Scroll Hermetic and Screw Type Compressors are used in central system cooling units. There is a compressor system that is activated gradually. It conforms to European Union norms and is manufactured with CE mark. Optionally, its condenser can be produced separately. It is shipped ready for installation together with the electrical panel and all automatic control elements.


It is produced in 21 different models in the range of 1.198 Watt-6.354 Watt cooling capacity in accordance with the conditions of cold and frozen storage rooms.It has hermetic compressor and air cooled condenser. The device is a compact type and is shipped with all equipment mounted and gas charged. It is covered with painted sheet metal in accordance with external weather conditions. The monoblock cooling group, which is in compliance with the European Union norms and manufactured with the CE brand, has a hot gas defrosting system.